Monday, September 19, 2016

Who's Story Is This? Pt. 1

I feel like he’s gonna lose himself
All he thinks about is killing himself
Yeah his family has the wealth
Then how come his debit card keeps coming up short like a elf
This world is evil and deceiving
I guess you should be blessed that he’s still breathing
But now he’s crying on the floor as if he’s a baby that’s teething
Because getting hit by a car is no joke
Now on the ground with the wind knocked out as he choke
You gotta stay alive you need to stay woke
You need to get up off the ground, somebody throw a rope
Because the cops are after you trying to lock you away in the hospital
And I know people are out there trying to belittle
And you been getting bullied little by little
Since you was just a jit, since you were little
But nobody cared, nobody asked you why
Nobody seen the constant tribulation that hit you inside
He can’t breath, life’s got him wrapped around his neck like a tie
He’s up running, bloodied, trying to hide the pain like a tough guy
Slowing down now because he’s out of breath
It don’t matter where he runs, right or left
The police catch up to him step by step
Guns drawn, “get down or choose death”

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