Saturday, September 10, 2016

They Said I Was Lucky

No bombs, no guns, just a war in my soul
2 sides in me while pulling while I loose control
Can’t take much more, don't know what to do but fold
Let me swallow a 100 pills to let myself go
These people don’t believe me, they can't see that I’m about to blow
See! I took it, I’m real about not living no more
It’s 1 am, time for me to sleep in my bed under the ground floor
7; eyes open, nothing happened, except for a striking pain hitting to the core
NO! NO! NO! What went wrong? 100 wasnt enough? Do I need more
I should have people mourning me, begging me that I didn't walk through the white doors
Now I’m walking around this mall, sick as hell, ready to fall
Throwing up every 20 minutes, can't walk no more, only crawl
Oh I feel horrible; now I’m emotionally and physically dull
This world hates me and I hate it back, I hate these walls
Take me to a hospital, I feel like my stomach is being ripped by a saw
On the nurse's bed, trying to figure out the cause
Doing multiple test, seeing what I caused my stomach with flaws
They are so lost, no matter the doctor, all of them was in awe
I think I should tell them, because I know the truth, it’s all the pills fault

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