Saturday, September 17, 2016

School Is The Only Way...Or Is It?

I was taught and brought up to believe school is the only way
Family full of degrees and doctorates because that what pays
So imagine a me a college dropout with my parents being ashamed of me
I'm tired of yelling out and trying to plea
Do you know how many people made it without that simple piece of paper
And crazy enough them people just didn't disappear into vapor
I feel sick looking at you sit on your throne
Not helping me with nothing, leaving me all alone
Knowing damn well what you're doing is dead wrong
Don’t you see on my face that I‘m hurting
Or is this story to you just diverting
I know you tell me that you want me gone or are you just flirting
Tell me the truth, because that’s what I want
Please say it aloud and show it as if it’s a storefront
Because you don’t even ask me if I’m hungry anymore
What are you trying to do let me starve some more
You put me down to the ground with your bearing sound
I get it mother I know I’m unsound
But I’m trying with all my might trying to show you that I can do it
With or without you I’m trying to prove it
Even with this sickness coming down on
And feeling so icky as I’m withdrawn
From everybody in this cold world, because I don’t even know myself
So how do you expect me get some help
When once again I don’t even know myself

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