Friday, September 23, 2016

Out Of Options

No, today’s not the day to leave me alone
And I threw away my iphone
So I can’t call for help, nothing can save me from this home
I’m getting dizzy, lightheaded maybe it’s the patron
And God is not here for me to bring me out this zone

Nobody can help me, I’m out of options
Past 2 years you been lying and faking me out, if you was running the triple option
You hate my guts, wish you could just give me up for adoption
Everyone around me acts super cautious
Because nobody knows how unpredictable I am like a stock option
Nobody knows my pain or my emotions
You're right I wish I can just be happy, you know just drink some potion
I don’t have thick skin, I’m soft like some lotion

Because I want to leave ASAP from mother Earth
Be buried somewhere under dirt
Funny I haven’t been always like this since birth
But lately all I hope is for me getting murked
Hopefully by somebody while I’m protecting you 1st

But that's neither here nor there
I just want my lungs too loose air
I know you're the boss like you're the mayor
Let me pay the price and pay my fare
I know to you, this might not feel like this is fair
No, I don't need any help or any welfare
Because you never believed me, thinking I had a bunch of hot air
Well now your next chance to talk is when I’m in my coffin chair

Because after I’m done with this writing
You can best believe there will be no more fighting
I will be all hung up like the lighting
You can come over and stare like it’s a special sighting
Then hopefully both families will get to be unting

Man, actually I’m past all that
So stressed and annoyed all I know is how to snap
Don’t know how to deal with this crap
The only option left is to get a strap
And leave my brain oozing like sap
Because my soul feels so flat
No I don’t like none of yall, so skip the dap
So terribly tired, time for my extended nap

-The End

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