Sunday, September 18, 2016


I’m dancing around in this function
But you gotta be serious as if your Russian
That’s what they say, it’s an end of discussion
Now I’m talking and chatting with my cousin
Yeah… That’s a bad influence on me
But not as bad with your neck tied to a tree
Or taking constant shots as if your name is Meek
Now stay away from the other side
But just got to listen and you can’t ask why
Just know you have God next to you right beside
And doesn’t it feel so great to be alive
With the city on fire all you can do is admire
Now you're living your life on the wire
Also she’s got you singing like a quire
Remember life isn’t a satire
Have your goals and let nobody know
All you must do is show up and show
There will be days of snow
But always remember to have that glow
I know you don’t have that much time in the world
So go find you man or a girl
Maybe opposite race and have a swirl
Like me and my parents made a pearl
Yeah that's my months rock
June babies on the top
Also shout out to February babies they ain't no flop
Time to sleep on my bedrock
But not forever though, I’ll be wake again
Just gotta catch me through the wind
And I will try not to be doing a sin
Thanks for reading this is the end

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