Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Time

I don’t know if there is a god above
But I know for sure there is a devil below
I wish I could just fly away like a beautiful morning dove
Instead I scare myself looking in the mirror looking like an ugly black crow
Life is too hard I’m an inch away from giving it all up
People will be better without me is how I feel
True or untrue I just can not take another break up
So it is time to take a kneel
Because it’s all fun and games till there is a rope around my neck
Or a knife to my vein
You like to take shots at me with no regret
Does it make you feel better, does it make you feel vain
I’m sick momma please come help this
Whatever this is I need some help
So please take this knife out my hand that happens to be swiss
I can no longer do it all by myself, need more than self-help
Death is calling my name everyday
While I follow my fate into the room
I hear nothing, but only my fate
And the devil tells me my time is soon
I agree with him and he has a confused look on his face
Yeah I’m sorry to disappoint your enjoyment
I’m in a rush, it’s like I am in a race
But it’s time to go, it’s time for my deployment
Bye y’all, sorry I must leave so soon
But there is no cure for my  internal wound

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