Saturday, September 10, 2016

Like A Baby Trying To Walk

My family is young, fun and inexperienced
But what I love most is the experience
Started single, choose to be a pair and now we’re a 3 man team
Gave up our dreams; oh so young still only 17
In over our heads, didn't know what to do
All I know is I would give up the world for you
October 16 is the date my life changed though
Yeah our little man’s b-day if yall wanted to know
He’s grown bigger everyday along with his energy
He can run all day, I wish yall could see
His laugh will brighten your heart an inch every time
But my babygirl is who keeps me strong
She can hold her own against me even being quite small
Oh I love them both with all my heart
Being young; we can can be dumb and immature
Feel like a toddler in a candy store
I mean no harm. I don't mean any of the stuff I say
Please babe, we have a beautiful family don't part ways
We’re just like Calvin trying for his 1st step
And fall to the left
To where I can't reach you behind the depths

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