Friday, September 23, 2016

I'm Hurt

Struggling to stay above sinking quicksand
Because I feel like this isn’t my land
My life is stuck as if it’s a broken fan
While your life is colorful like a box of crayons
I know you're my number one fan like “Stan”
And I love you the same as if you was “Anne”
I can’t stay, I got to go and go for a ran
But I feel like the opposite of a man
No, I don’t have a plan
So here’s some news like an anchorman
My life got me feeling like a journeyman
I can’t breath, I’m underwater like a fisherman
Up early every morning like a minuteman
So please hear my voice like I’m a radioman
Predicting my death like I’m a weatherman
So please don’t box me in like I’m in a van
Trying to escape life fast as possible like a turbofan
You give me no respect as a parent
You look right through me like I was transparent
Won’t even let our kid stay with the father
You don’t trust me but you trust your middle school brother
Now that aint right, and without me there would of never been another
And don’t forget that because I’m not just some other
I am the father of this child, yes I have issues
But this isn’t a sad story so don’t grab any tissues
I have made mistakes before
And now my heart feels all sore
And this striking sadness hits me all the way to the core
Can’t you just see that I just want more
Yeah I thought I could trust you telling you every dark problem
I told you this so I can blossom
And remember your not perfect, you're not flawless
But no, you turn around you and use it against me
Every little thing I told you, spit it back in my face
Yelling at me telling me to stay in my place
Feeling like I’m running in a endless race
There’s a fight in my mind
But when I’m with him I feel like everything is fine
He makes me want to get up and get back on my grind
But what do you need, a big red sign?!
That everything is all good that I’m all refined
But isn’t one of the reasons you love me so much is that I’m so undefined
So you're confusing me, saying you believe in me
And at the same time, you don’t trust me with my own seed
Man everything’s just backwards and it’s bringing me to my knees
It was supposed to be the 3 of us, only we
Now you got me sticking out like a great Red Tree
...Making me feel like I’m just the suicide kid that always be

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