Thursday, September 15, 2016

Get Up, Colby

It’s time to breath life into these dead lungs
It’s time to stop feeling like broken crumbs
I need to get up and live my life
I can't take this depression much more I need my wife
I want to surprise myself
And escape this fiery hell
It’s been too long since I smiled last
Please understand I want to take off this mask
And reek in the benefits of this thing called life
I want to see my son grow and show his might
I love him so much and his mother too
They are both beautiful so why do I feel so blue
So like I said it's time to start to put air in these dead lungs
So go ahead and take a picture of myself with your Samsung
See me with a big smile on my face, with my teeth showing
While I conquer this life easy going
I have 2 feet and beating heart and I am going to use them
I know life isn’t a game, not the life of sims
So I’m going to stop the blood boiling and the combativeness
No more not taking action and being so passiveness
Time to start using the word love instead of hate
I want to laugh instead of cry and that's no mistake
I’m going to stop with the fake
For everybody's life and there sake
No more killing myself, I can promise there's no more of that
All of that is so far beyond and all in the past
Let the sun shine on me all in my bones
I’m going to run around the devil like a stack of cones
Till my heart stops beating
No one will defeat me in this world, so call a meeting
Please talk about how you’ll get me to fall
Guess what? It won’t work at all
Because I was raised never to give up and stand tall
Because my heart is as a big as a mall
And yes, in the past I did hit a wall
Few times it was a close call
But I’m here for a reason
And this is my season
So watch out Lucifer because here I come
Now it’s my turn to take control and have some fun...

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