Sunday, September 4, 2016

Every King Needs A Queen

Without her I am weak
With her I am at my peek
Without her I am soft
With her I am that rock
Because of her I am a man that I am today
But this is no poem for a hip, hip hooray
I am in Oklahoma and that is the sad truth
I am lost without you, like mom without its youth
Did you know that you mean everything to me
But I feel like I’m drowning by these cold icy seas
I’m also I’m getting stung by a million bees
But with you I feel like everything is great
Or is that just the regular stuff I throw at people like bait
No everything's not fine
I need my girl with me and that's just the bottom line
So I’m packing my bags and I am leaving to you
I want to see you and get stuck to you like glue
I lost you once for 6 months and I can honestly say I wasn’t happy once
Tired of feeling like the big ole dunce
So let me join your world
I don’t want to be in a twirl
Because I don’t have the patience to deal with this distance
I can’t deal with this, I feel like have no existence
Do you feel this, do you feel this substance
And I’m going to continue to try to see you with all of my persistance
I don’t care who tries to stop me, or any type of resistance
Because you are my 1st love
And last love

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