Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Fight

This is my dream, this is what I want
Playing football, going to school who am I trying to front
Should I continue this to make my family and my momma proud
At what cost though, inside my body screaming so loud.
Nobody understands me or this
Because last night all I wanted to do was slice my wrist!
But I can’t take it that far; I got me a girl and a son to live for
I don't know why I’m feeling like this, life has so much more
In my mind I am going crazy
But I know the more I should fight the more I get lazy
I just can’t give up and let this sickness defeat me
So ask myself why you choose this battle for me internally
Why me, what did Colby do to deserve this
All I can do is ball my fist
Punch a wall, and keep it moving
Shits really not funny, not one bit amusing
So I’m going to fight, fight and fight
And get back to myself and take flight
Because I must get good for Dania and Calvin
With a big smile on my face with me laughing
I’m tired of this depression hanging on me like a medallion
I’m running away from my pain as if I’m a stallion

And I swear I’m going to win this; for you and Calvin

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