Tuesday, August 30, 2016


See Colby! I know you best, you got only me in your corner when it is set and done
Stop this fake earnest jest, I told you it was a waste, everybody left you to be alone
This anger is not from me, go out and and unleash your anger on an innocent
Don’t dare to vent, that won’t help, go cause a storm and make someone a victim
You’ll feel better Colby...you need to listen to me because I only care about you Colby
I’ve been here since you was 13; protecting you so don’t forget and be a dummy
This pain you have, we both been feeling it all through our mental
Colby how many times you going to fall for these promises, let me be your instrumental
Stop shedding water cause of other people, and lets become the predator
C’mon Colby you know I’m right, or my name wouldn’t be “Lucifer”
HERE! Dont be scared and take my power, don’t you want to be feared
You can have all of my power Colby, you don’t need nobody else but me to be revered
So let those people get what is due, unbreak this cement glue
And lets conquer this world even before the morning dew
You know I’m faithful, how many others can say that truthfully
So how about it, I need an answer now, hurry up and accept my offer Colby...

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