Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Love Yourself

You know when something is hard, but worth it?
So you just gotta ride the wave, even surf it
When you want to give up but can’t
You must not have fear but grow like a plant
You must never ever give up
Keep it moving and not let depression get to you
Can not get down or even blue
You gotta get up and keep it moving
Do not listen to anybody disapproving
Because you must love yourself
And do not put yourself on the bottom shelf
You deserve to be at the top of the world
And don’t ever predict yourself to be in the underworld
Life is more than suicide
Runaway full length with full speed strides
You are beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen
So do not get trapped in that den
Breakout that cage, don’t let anybody box you in
Remember it is only you that is in your world
You are never ugly so please do not ever hurle
So do not ever forget what I am saying
And best believe I am not playing
I love you, whoever you are out there
All of you

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