Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Long Love

Baby why are you so far?
All I wanna do is jump in my car
I need you close to me at all times
No need to read between the lines
Because what I say, is off the top of my head
Like your skin is so soft, like the pillow on a bed
Like how your body is so super fly
Like a bird in the big blue sky
You see what I mean, when I said off the head
I say what I mean, and I say what I said
Baby girl you're beautiful in my eyes
I look at you as if I won a prize
There is no point in trying to disguise my love
Because I’m hooked on you as if I’m on a drug
So just know that I’m going to see you very soon
And take you out no matter where, even if it’s to the moon
I know I’m rambling on, rambling on
But I just want to surprise you like the morning dawn
So I’ll drop some flowers and candy at your door
Wish I could drop off everything and then some more
You deserve everything babe, no more tears
Unless it’s for joy, or maybe cheers
But with me, I’ll try to make you the happiest
And treat you with the utmost classiness
Because you are mine
And always will be until the end of time...

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