Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gone in October

In October you will be leaving me
I know it is for the better so I will just have to wait and see
You’ll be going to the military to be everyone's hero
But will you know that I’ll be feeling like zero
It is true I am proud of you
This feeling will just be oh so new
Selfish side says please do not go
But that would just be me preventing you to grow
So grow baby spread your wings
And become that beautiful queen
That you are
Yes you will be far
But in my heart you’ll be right here
And for damn sure I ain’t going no where
Just know my arms will be open waiting for you to get off that plane
Can’t wait to see you in your uniform, I’ll be taking pics if you had fame
Run into my arms kiss me with your lips
And let's take off as if we were in a rocketship
So yes when your gone I might shed some tears
Just keep pressing forward with no fears
Because I got you, you got me
And we’ll continue growing our family tree

And forget everybody else, all we need is we!

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