Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2 Love Birds

I tried this thing twice, but it hurt me so surely

But I swear I'm going to make it to your heart slowly but surely

Your hair is straight but sometimes curly

And that one dress you was looking so curvy

Yeah I love it when you try to look your best

Makes me just wanna pop your bra and get you undressed

Damn I need to chill, maybe take a rest

Nah forget that, come lay on my chest

While my hands play with your breast

Wrap your legs around my waist

Sorry babe I’ll slow down the pace

You're just my dream girl, so I ain’t tryna fall out of place

So tonight let's forget about faith

And hit a homerun and run through all the bases

Tonight we switching faces

Man this feel great, nothing wrong getting down and gritty

As long as it only involves Dania and Colby