Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Love Yourself

You know when something is hard, but worth it?
So you just gotta ride the wave, even surf it
When you want to give up but can’t
You must not have fear but grow like a plant
You must never ever give up
Keep it moving and not let depression get to you
Can not get down or even blue
You gotta get up and keep it moving
Do not listen to anybody disapproving
Because you must love yourself
And do not put yourself on the bottom shelf
You deserve to be at the top of the world
And don’t ever predict yourself to be in the underworld
Life is more than suicide
Runaway full length with full speed strides
You are beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen
So do not get trapped in that den
Breakout that cage, don’t let anybody box you in
Remember it is only you that is in your world
You are never ugly so please do not ever hurle
So do not ever forget what I am saying
And best believe I am not playing
I love you, whoever you are out there
All of you

Gone in October

In October you will be leaving me
I know it is for the better so I will just have to wait and see
You’ll be going to the military to be everyone's hero
But will you know that I’ll be feeling like zero
It is true I am proud of you
This feeling will just be oh so new
Selfish side says please do not go
But that would just be me preventing you to grow
So grow baby spread your wings
And become that beautiful queen
That you are
Yes you will be far
But in my heart you’ll be right here
And for damn sure I ain’t going no where
Just know my arms will be open waiting for you to get off that plane
Can’t wait to see you in your uniform, I’ll be taking pics if you had fame
Run into my arms kiss me with your lips
And let's take off as if we were in a rocketship
So yes when your gone I might shed some tears
Just keep pressing forward with no fears
Because I got you, you got me
And we’ll continue growing our family tree

And forget everybody else, all we need is we!

Long Love

Baby why are you so far?
All I wanna do is jump in my car
I need you close to me at all times
No need to read between the lines
Because what I say, is off the top of my head
Like your skin is so soft, like the pillow on a bed
Like how your body is so super fly
Like a bird in the big blue sky
You see what I mean, when I said off the head
I say what I mean, and I say what I said
Baby girl you're beautiful in my eyes
I look at you as if I won a prize
There is no point in trying to disguise my love
Because I’m hooked on you as if I’m on a drug
So just know that I’m going to see you very soon
And take you out no matter where, even if it’s to the moon
I know I’m rambling on, rambling on
But I just want to surprise you like the morning dawn
So I’ll drop some flowers and candy at your door
Wish I could drop off everything and then some more
You deserve everything babe, no more tears
Unless it’s for joy, or maybe cheers
But with me, I’ll try to make you the happiest
And treat you with the utmost classiness
Because you are mine
And always will be until the end of time...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2 Love Birds

I tried this thing twice, but it hurt me so surely

But I swear I'm going to make it to your heart slowly but surely

Your hair is straight but sometimes curly

And that one dress you was looking so curvy

Yeah I love it when you try to look your best

Makes me just wanna pop your bra and get you undressed

Damn I need to chill, maybe take a rest

Nah forget that, come lay on my chest

While my hands play with your breast

Wrap your legs around my waist

Sorry babe I’ll slow down the pace

You're just my dream girl, so I ain’t tryna fall out of place

So tonight let's forget about faith

And hit a homerun and run through all the bases

Tonight we switching faces

Man this feel great, nothing wrong getting down and gritty

As long as it only involves Dania and Colby

Swallowed Whole

Swallowed Whole

You look at my face, and to your brown eyes you see the same man
Little to do you know, things with me... really hit the fan
What you see is an empty shell of me, that’s been battered around like an empty can
I’m lost inside, I might possibly be even damned, I used to be colorful like a crayon
Now there’s so many days I feel when I can’t figure out a simple plan
My heart used to be filled to the top so big; it looked so grand!
But there’s a leak in it, which I can’t cover up, and I can not comprehend
I’m stuck inside my body, with my legs being pulled down by quicksand
Do you not see me suffering, why don’t you stick out your right hand
I know why, you’ve grown tired of just waiting for the old man
I see it all play in front of me from inside these prison walls
It’s upsetting from down here when I’m seeing us fall
Crazy to think that not long ago I asked you to be mine last fall
I can not do anything else honestly but bawl...even now
Oh I feel such sorrow, I know I talk as long as a mall
But I never get to say what I want, only curveballs
I want to break free from this hell, I’m battling a horrible bloody brawl
Being hit back and forth as if I’m a black eight ball
Pulled viscously like a rag doll
I love you and that’s not me trying to stall
Thats me wanting you to have me all!
So Baby, please root for me so we can victorious in the long haul


See Colby! I know you best, you got only me in your corner when it is set and done
Stop this fake earnest jest, I told you it was a waste, everybody left you to be alone
This anger is not from me, go out and and unleash your anger on an innocent
Don’t dare to vent, that won’t help, go cause a storm and make someone a victim
You’ll feel better need to listen to me because I only care about you Colby
I’ve been here since you was 13; protecting you so don’t forget and be a dummy
This pain you have, we both been feeling it all through our mental
Colby how many times you going to fall for these promises, let me be your instrumental
Stop shedding water cause of other people, and lets become the predator
C’mon Colby you know I’m right, or my name wouldn’t be “Lucifer”
HERE! Dont be scared and take my power, don’t you want to be feared
You can have all of my power Colby, you don’t need nobody else but me to be revered
So let those people get what is due, unbreak this cement glue
And lets conquer this world even before the morning dew
You know I’m faithful, how many others can say that truthfully
So how about it, I need an answer now, hurry up and accept my offer Colby...

In Too Deep

In Too Deep
Never done a drug before, I was always too scared to try
But this one drug caught the corner in my eye
Something came over me, my body had an urge that I have never ever could understand why
What was this drug? And why can’t I get my eyes off it?
Why can’t I shake this craving, it’s got me hooked even without a taste
I’m up at night dreaming of the feeling I can attain from just one sole hit
Man I need this drug quick before I go insane and get sick
I know if I have it everything will be great; no problem, I would be fixed
I’ve had enough, tomorrow will be the day that I intake
Thinking back on it...I think November 10 was the date
Its in me, and damn this feels better than great
I can feel it heavy in my lungs and veins
A heavy rain of happiness that I would gain
Ohhh this high is too good, mad at myself for even taking this long, but why complain
Months later, I love this drug, and this drug is the 1st feeling of love I known
Nothing else is what I want to do, except find a quiet spot and spend time with
People around me noticed a difference, I can admit that I was addicted
Overheard jokes towards me, but I don’t care, I have my drug, and this drug has me
Go to sleep thinking about it and 1st thinking about when I wake
The 1st thing I would do in the morn is take a hit and float to outer space
I was in love with this drug, First time too, Please don’t let this end god!
Year passed, and I think the side effect has set in
There’s plenty of great days me and this drug, but some days the drug doesn’t feel the same
The drug leaves me with headaches and bad stomach pains
But I’m so sorry, I just can’t leave
Every day I try for us to have that connection like back then
The harder I try, the more I feel trapped in a den
Even if I try using my head to turn my back to it, my heart will turn me around to it
And sad part bleeding beat plays to the drugs rhythm every time
I’m supposed to be the user and somehow I became the used
Is it better if I stop using? Am I even strong enough to even truly try
Yes...maybe no, I don’t know honestly. Well I’m 4 days sober
And all I want is this drug back in my body no matter the pain it brings
Because I know this drug can make me feel, how I want to feel...FREE
Damn, reading this just made me realize that I’m just Too In Deep

Taller Than Mount Everest

Taller Than Mount Everest

Why, must this climb be so hard at times.
I would love to get in a cannon and just shoot to the horizons
The elders told me its not easy
So I brought someone special along with me
We choose this climb, We said we will take this challenge head on
I stumbled, she helped, She slipped I helped, not once we aparted
With a Promise to each other that no matter how high this mountain was, we won’t depart
We didn’t listen to the elders, they warned us about the dangers that comes with this march
But we were young, dumb and ambitious with fire in our full hearts
We headed up not looking back, only of the dream of making it to the top
Closer and Closer we would be to approach the height of this giant rock
And prove the elders wrong about us adolescents
Some days I felt like I was right there just outside the fence
Days were harder than others, But climb is what we must do
No matter the obstacles, at the end of the day, we always would say “I Do”
Then the dark clouds came; rain started to come down and pour
Our hands got wet and slippery down to our pores
Losing the grips of each of our locked twenty fingers
Not together made the climb feel like a cold winter
We were not prepared for this storm, slips turned into falls, falls turned into scars
WIth both of us forgetting how to heal each other, and motivate to keep wanting more
To eventually one of us thought we could get up the mountain faster without the other
When both of us lost sight why we even choose to ascend this giant mountain
But it was never about getting to the peak, but enjoying the adventure on the way to the top
This is still the same mountain that we’ve been facing nothing has swapped
So please bring your 10 fingers to mine so we can interlock
And make this climb easy again for us and make it back to the top